Our service model

Build a service platform with integrated superior resources

Through different supply chain service models, we aim to help different partners to achieve and optimization full supply chain management, to maximize their company value and to improve their competitiveness.


Meet the elite team

CIMC GOLD WIDE team is here to serve you with a full team of experienced logistics experts with knowledge and experience in a variety of topics relevant to our customers’ most complicated supply chain challenges. Contact us 24/7, if you have any questions about our services or how we can help you achieve your goals. 

Peter Zhang

Peter Zhang

Managing Director

Tim Yao

Tim Yao

Executive Director

Match Zhou

Match Zhou

Executive Director

CIMC GOLD WIDE will make reasonable arrangements and balance the various operating modes in the indu

Linda Zhuang

Operation Center Director

CIMC GOLD WIDE will keep improving and strive to become the leader in the supply chain industry, con

Aaron Zhang

Marketing Centre Director & South Asia & Red Sea & Southeast Asia Region Director

CIMC GOLD WIDE will sincerely provide safe and high-end professional services for sea, land and air

Anita Peng

North American Region

Precise control of transportation time for customers

CIMC GOLD WIDE online CargoGM system’s visibility gives our customers a clear view of inventory and supply chain activities. It enables customers to achieve the best use of working capital and get the right level of inventory available to meet projected mixed-channel demand in the most profitable manner with accurate forecasting, demand planning and a single view of inventory across all channels, operations and locations.

"Excellence" is the slogan we always keep in mind, strive to become the leader of the supply chain industry, constantly meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers!

Peter Zhang Executive Director CEO

24/7 manpower support

CIMC GOLD WIDE’s success is shaped by our people – a wonderfully diverse mix of talent with expertise in a variety of supply chain specialty areas and functions. With broad experience, we can quickly leverage our network of world-class experts to provide the best possible team for your unique business challenges. By tapping into expertise across a wide array of supply chain business functions, and across almost any industry, we are able to provide strategic guidance addressing any strategic supply chain challenge an engagement may present.  

“Our team is conscientious, rigorous, proactive, efficient, comprehensive and standby 24/7 during the whole process along the supply chain.”

Tim Yao    Managing Director of Marketing

Lower supply chain cost

We are fully prepared to help you create a more stable, agile and cost-effective supply chain with fully integrated end-to-end planning and real time data. At every step, we continuously focus on saving time and resources, reducing cost and protecting your brand.

We have widely spread our business philosophy of “Striving for common development with utmost sincerity, approaching to perfect service with fundamental human-oriented principle”.

Match Zhou Managing Director

Meet our leadership team.

Our leadership teams work with customers to ensure responsiveness and flexibility – whatever level of support your priorities require, we have the tactical and strategic skill sets to deliver both site specific and corporate level solutions.  We challenge our employees to do extraordinary work for our customers, while supporting them in enhancing their skills and growing their careers.

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