CIMC GOLD WIDE Cargo General Management System ( CGM System)

Ensuring that global shipments are delivered on time requires multiple parties in the supply chain to work together to ship the cargo and share information about its status, CIMC GOLD WIDE's Cloud-Based Technological GW CGM platform allow customers to securely delegate responsibility to specific shipment-related tasks and provide visibility to shipment information. CIMC GOLD WIDE enables shippers, consignees, and logistics service providers to improve communication and workflow among their network of supply chain associates.

Collaboration: GW CGM Integrated platform allows CIMC GOLD WIDE to streamline and centralized our transportation and to enhance all parties collaboration functions.  

CIMC GOLD WIDE empowers customers to drive the complete lifecycle of transportation processes with precision, including procurement and contracting, shipment planning, execution and tracking, yard management, and financial and claims settlement – all on a single, Cloud-based platform.

Smart: Free people from the tedious work, making office easier and more efficient
    • Intelligent document identification
    • Intelligent central control system
    • Intelligent operation
    • This technology can easily identify tariffs, books, statements, etc., and the efficiency is increased by 20 times;

    • Providing unprecedented visibility and inventory control for brands. It enables it to better match supply and demand, reduce working capital, increase business agility and help drive growth.

    • Through machine learning, the experienced old staff experience is turned into knowledge, the system automatically guides employees to work, and every new person can easily manage complex work. 

    Connection: Industry interconnection, making information unlimited

     CIMC GOLD WIDE GW CGM platform can provide standardized query interfaces for supply chain partners, Carrier, Airlines, Customs Bureau, CY, as well as third-party database, like INTTRA,CARGOSMART, TRADETECH, etc., to obtain logistics status data. Companies can make use of container vessel arrival and departure time, container dynamic status and furthermore for them to make their operational decision like booking the shipping space, handling operation, production etc.

    “The real-time information and transparency provided by the CIMC GOLD WIDE platform has changed the rules of the game. We no longer need to guess what happened to our goods – we always know what happened.”

    Drew Morrison, Director of Operations

    Wind control: industry big data, making enterprise risk control more controllable

    Transporting industry continues to face specific business risks due to the increasing globalization. CIMC GOLD WIDE identifies the risks connected with our clients transport and logistics, providing knowledge and expertise on how to assess risks and offers methods and guidance on how to respond to the different types of risks.

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