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Customs clearance, trade finance, warehousing services and import and
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  • Customs Clearing & Consulting

    Our Customs consultants can review your supply chain to help enhance customs activities, optimize duties, identify potential risk areas and optimize internal controls and procedures to maximize internal compliance. CIMC GOLD WIDE uses the Customs online system when this is available, which helps to promptly serve our clients and clear their goods in as little time possible. Our customs brokers, who are all highly-trained and experienced, are continuously kept abreast with the latest applicable Customs regulations and procedures.

  • CIMC GOLD WIDE has rich experience and strong human resources for customs declaration of all kinds of goods entering and leaving Shenzhen, which can ensure the smooth and punctual customs clearance of goods. The scope of customs declaration includes the four mainland road ports such as Huanggang, Wenjindu, Shatoujiao and Airport, the two major shipping ports of Yantian and Shekou, and the three inland bonded areas (warehouses) such as the Sungang Supervisory Warehouse, Futian Free Trade Zone and Yantian Supervisory Warehouse.

Financial logistics Capital assistance/Financial channel expansion

Through big data accumulation and analysis, CIMC GOLD WIDE create a new financial logistics combining financial solutions with suppliers and buyers, based on the premise of capital security, which can help enterprises to expand financing channels, reduce financing costs and improve the efficiency of capital use.

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Warehousing Services - Domestic Warehousing
Self-owned 10,000 square meters warehouse, first-class facilities

CIMC GOLD WIDE has long-term leased domestic warehouses in China main ports. The self-owned warehouse in Shenzhen, we have an area of over 10,000 square meters, with fully equipped and professional operators, first-class facilities and operating environment. It is located at the south side of Yantian Port, the fourth largest container terminal in the globe, and conveniently connects Yanpai High-Speed Road, Yanba High-Speed Road and Pingyan Railway.

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Hong Kong warehousing, four functional storage areas, standard international management

CIMC GOLD WIDE has a long-term cooperative warehouse in Hong Kong with an area of 30,000 square meters. It has a unique advantage compared to other small office-type warehouses. It is located in Yuen Long District and is easily accessible to and from various terminals in Hong Kong. The warehouse has 4 function storage areas to exceed client’s requirements, long-term rental storage, turnover goods, temporary re-export items and fragile products.

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China-Pakistan cross-border e-commerce

With the promotion of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Pakistan's logistics system and network infrastructure are continuously improving. It creates tremendous development opportunities for cross-border e-commerce. CIMC GOLD WIDE has laid out cross-border e-commerce between China and Pakistan, mainly targeting DPP/DDU Clearance within 7 days, dispatching emergency accessories, samples and small parcels.

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Import and export agent

  • Sea

    Visible and transparent

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  • Ground transportation

    Trackable throughout

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