• Advanced technology platform, CIMC GOLD WIDE provides real-time visibility and full control

    Through its cloud-based technology security platform, CIMC GOLD WIDE connects all parties to global trade – importers, exporters, freight forwarders, shipping companies, Airlines, Customs, and port terminals. Combine technology, infrastructure and expertise through a global trading operating system to provide real-time visibility and full control, as well as better logistics experience.

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  • Supply chain full solution service, CIMC GOLD WIDE is in the pursuit of excellence

    CIMC GOLD WIDE will adapt to global development, enhance innovative capabilities, and embrace the future with a full range of professional services.

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  • Professional team escorts every step of transportation

    CIMC GOLD WIDE team is a dedicated team of freight, transportation, operations, Customs and data specialists, providing 24/7 service, managing the supply chain and ensuring that goods arrive on time and in good condition.

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Our import and export services
    • air
    • Land
    • Sea
    • Supply service
    • Project logistics
    • Fast experience

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    • The important bridge of the Eurasian Continental Bridge

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    • Traditional main business pillar

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    • Customs clearance, trade finance, warehousing services and import and export agency services closed loop

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    • Four sectors to comply with global trends  provide full service

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