Key account supervisor

working address:Shen Zhen

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Job Responsibilities:

●Deal with and respond to inquiries from supervisors and customers - 快速响应

● Actively establish customers profile and gain an understanding of their business, service needs and desires, working together teams to identify opportunities - 掌握和理解客户业务需求,团队协作发掘业务机会

● Owns all customer issues and facilitates their timely and effective resolution by engaging relevant internal stakeholders - 掌握所有客户需求,输出及时有效的方案

● Ensure co-ordination with teams to work out best and tailor maker service to certain customers - 团队合作对特定客户输出定制方案

● Co-ordinate and distribute market updates to keep customers informed on an operational level - 与客户分享市场时事

● Actively seek out and act on continuous improvement opportunities both in relation to customers and internal / external stakeholders - 主动发掘对客户和内外部相关利益方在业务上的持续提升机会

● Manages end-to-end shipment process, in compliance with relevant company procedures and agreements with customer - 遵从客户要求及公司流程,管理货物运输全流程

● Efficiently using all systems and applications necessary to ensure operational efficiency - 熟练使用和操作相关系统

● Communicating in an efficient and professional manner with all parties, special attention to be given to overnight replies (or acknowledgement) to overseas parties; - 专业有效的沟通,特别是对海外客户的及时回复

● Striving to always acquire more industry and client knowledge, to better assist any party requiring help/solutions - 及时获取行业及客户信息,以便更好的给相关方提供方案及协助

● Any other reasonable duties which may be required by management from time to time - 主管委派的其他工作

job requirements:

1、 Good written/oral English communication skill

2、 Minimum Master's degree ,  oversea education background or working experiences will be preferred

3、 Proactive working attitude, effective problem solving and agile solutions

4、 Good stakeholder management internally and externally

5、 Able to deliver work to a high standard working independently and together with teams

6、 Passion to drive closures & high level customer service orientation

7、 Collaborative working style, fostering cooperation and teamwork to find solutions


Shenzhen CIMC GOLDWIDE Import & Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. It has 137 domestic and foreign employees and is headquartered in Shenzhen.
After nearly 10 years of development, relying on strong technical support, nuanced point-to-point service and competitive price advantage, it has entered a high-speed development channel. At present, it has formed a network structure of one headquarters, five major branches and four major international offices, and the service scope reaches the whole world.
Since its establishment, CIMC GOLDWIDE has cooperated with nearly 20,000 companies at home and abroad on the “One Belt, One Road” route and has developed professional logistics solutions for customers.
Our professionalism has won recognition and praise from our customers. He participated in the China-Pakistan Economic Forum for three consecutive years in 2014-2016 and became a member of the Forum in 2016.
It is currently Pakistan's largest freight forwarding service provider and has been praised as a bridge for Sino-Pak trade.

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