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Shenzhen CIMC GOLD WIDE Imp And Exp Co Ltd Solemn Statement

We hereby make a solemn statement that we have never used SHENZHEN CIMC GOLD WIDE IMP & EXP CO LTD to open an account overseas.

Recently, scam gangs maliciously used our company's name to falsely register accounts overseas and used fake email accounts to maliciously scam our customers. Our company strongly condemns the above-mentioned illegal and despicable acts. 

To set the record straight, our company has entrusted a team of lawyers to obtain evidence in accordance with the law and resolutely take up legal weapons to safeguard their business reputation and the legitimate rights and interests of all customers and suppliers! We solemnly warn the above scam-relevant network users to stop the illegal acts against us immediately!

Customers are particularly reminded to pay attention to ADDRESSES of all received mails with payment requests or/and bank details.  At the same time, customers are reminded to use different tools to communicate with our business personnel before making transfer. 

Shenzhen CIMC GOLDWIDE Imp And Exp Co Ltd    Solemn Statement

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