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International Transport

    Dangerous goods refer to hazards to human health, flight safety, property or the environment, and are listed in the Dangerous Goods Name List of the Dangerous Goods Aviation Safety Transport Technical Directive promulgated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) or according to the Substances or articles classified by the Technical Directive.


Depending on the degree of danger, DG goods can be classified into DG goods that can be carried by both passenger and cargo aircraft, DG goods that are only transported by cargo planes, DG goods that are normally prohibited from being transported but can be carried in special exemptions in the countries concerned, and DG goods that are prohibited from being transported under any circumstances. These DG goods include all kinds of chemical products, whose dangers are obvious, as well as items that are common in daily life and which are easily overlooked by the public, such as perfumes, medicines, automobiles, electrical appliances, and aquatic products that have been preserved by special means. Even some animals and fruits are dangerous in special circumstances. With the continuous development of society, the variety of DG goods is still increasing.


In short, any cargo that is explosive, flammable, poisonous, corrosive, or radioactive, which required special injury and property protection during transportation, handling, storage and storage, is a dangerous cargo.


DG air cargo is classified into nine categories


Category 1 Explosives  


Class 2 Compressed gases and liquefied gases


Class 3 flammable liquids


Class 4 Flammable solids, self-igniting articles and wet combustibles


Class 5 Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides


Class 6 Poisons and infectious substances


Class 7 Radioactive substances [ZK)]


Class 8 Corrosives


Class 9 Miscellaneous dangerous substances [ZK)]


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